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Wartsila Singapore Pte Ltd
02 June 2016
Singapore - Baghdad, Iraq

6 Units of Dimineralised FW Pump with Motor

The Challenge
1. Our customer is a Finnish corporation which manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets (http://wartsila.com).
2. They are supplying 6 units of stator coolant pumps to the Musayyib Thermal Power Plant project in Baghdad, Iraq.
3. The customer's corporate forwarder (MNC company) is unable to handle this shipment due to lack of specialized knowledge to deal with Iraq Customs and trucking in Iraq.

Our Solution
Due to previous delays caused by our customer's corporate forwarder, the shipment must be executed in double-quick time. We tapped on our in-house network of global partners around the globe and activiated our UAE agent whom we are aware had a physical office in numerous cities in Iraq.

The commerical invoice & packing list were translated into Iraq Arabic langauge and the draft Bill of Lading (B/L) and Certificate of Origin (CO) prepared. Adding to the complexity was that this shipment was a Letter of Credit (L/C) shipment which meant that it was crucial that the shipping documents were prepared correctly to ensure our customer could receive the L/C payment from the issuing bank (Trade Bank of Iraq). AT Singapore, we also applied for a Strategic Cargo Permit (export permit with prefix 'CA') with Singapore Customs, because of the need to comply with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) regulations on export of sanctioned cargo.

Working in parallel with our Iraq team, we arranged for a special dispatch to attest the shipping documents with the nearest Iraq Embassy located in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was an extremely delicate operation where any error would result in the need to re-start the entire documentation process. Of course, all went smoothly and we secured the attested documents without issue.

The cargo was shipped out on the first available vessel to Umm Qasr Port in Iraq. Upon vessel arrival, our Iraq team applied for cargo levy exemption (given that the cargo was meant for use in a public project constructed by the Iraq Ministry of Electricity). After completion of customs clearance, the cargo was loaded onto a chartered truck and delivered straight from Umm Qasr Port to the power plant site in Baghdad.

Above Left: Musayyib Thermal Power Plant in Baghdad, Iraq
Above Right : The 6 Units of Stator Coolant Pump

Above: Cargo Delivered in Baghdad, Iraq.

Services Utilized

Ocean Freight (LCL)
MFA & Embassy Endorsement in Jakarta
Certification of Origin (CO) Application|
Strategic Cargo Export Permit Application in Singapore
Customs Clearance at Origin & Destination (including levy exemption in Iraq)

The cargo was safely delivered on schedule and within our customer's budget.