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Case Studies

Archroma Singapore Pte Ltd
29 July 2016
Singapore - Bangkok, Thailand
Singapore - Karachi, Pakistan
Singapore - Barcelona, Spain

13 x 40'GP of laboratory equipment and office furniture

The Challenge

1. Our customer is a global colour and speciality chemicals company headquarted in Basel, Switzerland (http://archroma.com/).
2. They are relocating one of their biggest research laboratories in Asia (spanning 25,000 sqft) to Bangkok, Thailand.
3. We are appointed to take over the job from another logistics company (which had been dismissed by the customer due to poor performance) and complete the relocation within 4 weeks for reinstatement works to commence before site turnover to landlord.
4. The high-value laboratory equipment must be packed properly to prevent any cargo damage.

Our Solution

We identified 2 key requisities to smoothly execute this infrastructure relocation - (1) effective site management and (2) coordination between the different parties onsite.

A site meeting was carried out with the customer to identify and map out a detailed plan on the packing and movement order. Certain equipment were to be disposed, whilst identified high-value and/or fragile equipment must be packed into made-to-measure wooden crates which were fabricated offsite and assembled onsite. Another factor which added to the complexity was that the laboratory team continued to work in the laboratory during the relocation, which meant that top priority had to be accorded to workplace safety management (i.e. clear demarcation of the different operating zones within the laboratory and extra attention paid to site safety).

Dawn Shipping activated both our packing crew and crating supplier at short notice, and worked out a project timeline to execute the relocation. It was subsequently decided to split the relocation into 5 shipments totaling 13 x 40'GP.
Above: Packing & Crating Works by DSG Movers inside the Laboratory

Above: Stuffing Works for 1 of the 40'GP containers

There were numerous last-minute changes which occured during the 4-week long relocation. For example, certain chemical regeants which were stored in the vault room were found to be of Dangerous Goods (DG) Class 1 nature, after examination of the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This meant that such cargo had to be separated from other equipment and shipped separately. We also worked closely with the laboratory team to mark and assign the vast amount of equipment, which was critical to prepare accurate shipping invoices & packing lists for subsequent usage during customs clearance at both origin and destination points. Regular status updates were provided to the customer to allow their coordinator to monitor the progress and provide any feedback.

Above: Reinstatement Works On-going after Handover to M&E Engineering Team

During the last phase of the relocation, the customer requested to re-assign a number of equipment meant for Thailand to their other laboratories in Pakistan and Spain. We swiftly processed this last-minute request and arranged to ship out the cargo via LCL mode on the first available schedules.

Services Utilized

Project Mangement for Infrastructure Relocation
Ocean Freight (FCL & LCL)
Professional Moving Services (Crating, Sorting, Packing, Stuffing & Lashing)
Container Trucking
Customs Clearance at Origin

All 13 containers were loaded successfully within the 4-week schedule and shipped out of Singapore. The 25,000 sqft laboratory was thoroughly emptied and handed over  to the customer's appointed M&E Engineering Team to commence the reinstatement works.