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Case Studies

Dril-Quip Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
14 May 2014
Shipper's Yard - Jurong Port (Land)
Singapore – Nanyou Private Dock, Zhanjiang, China (Sea)

Oil Well Equipment (G/W 664,302kg, 880.31m3)

The Challenge
1. Our client engaged us to handle a breakbulk shipment to their customer (consignee) in Zhanjiang, China.
2. Due to the contractual terms between our client and the consignee, the cargo must depart Singapore on a vessel before a stipulated date, in order to meet the consignee's drilling schedule in China
3. We are expected to submit a full freight proposal with details of vessel, the transit time & routing. All within our client's stipulated budget.

Above: Our chartered vessel (MV Truong Phat 02 ALCI) berthed at Jurong Port

Our Solution
The project arm of Dawn Shipping Group, led by our in-house O&G specialist (Nicholas Tan & his team), handled the entire project. At only two days' notice, we presented a complete solution for breakbulk service, customs clearance and fumigation in connection with a comprehensive transport assignment for our client Dril-Quip Asia Pacific.

Within one hour, an employee from Dawn Shipping Group was on his way to our client's yard to evaluate the cargo volume and the best mode of transportation. At the same time, our chartering team actively sourced the market for suitable vessels willing to accept our client's cargo at short notice. Whilst all these were ongoing, our SCM Logistics team made arrangements for the transportation from shipper's yard to port which involved 78 trips using 40' trailers and low-bed equipment.

The chartering service was confirmed and freight note signed within an amazingly short period of one day.

Above: Cargo loading operations onto chartered vessel

Services Utilized
Breakbulk Service
Inland Transportation from Shipper's Yard to Jurong Port
Loading, Lashing, Fumigation & Stevedoring Service at Jurong Port
Customs Clearance at Origin

The entire batch of cargo was delivered safely to Nanyou Port, with no damages and within budget.

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