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Cheap Properties Co., Ltd (Thailand Case Study)
02 May 2014
USA - Laem Chabang Port (Sea RORO)
Bangkok - Phuket (Land)


One Encore Bentley Pontoon (Boat) of LOA 9.52m and Width 5.60m

The Challenge
1.    Our client is a trader/investor in pleasure crafts located in Phuket, Thailand.
2.    To provide Door-to-Door delivery of the oversized Boat Pontoon within our client's stipulated delivery time
3.    To transfer the Boat Pontoon by land trucking from Laem Chabang Port to Phuket.

Above: The Boat Pontoon (LOA 9.52m and Width 5.60m)

Our Solution
The RORO shipment was consigned to Dawn Shipping (Thailand) to perform customs clearance at Laem Chabang Port. Even though the RORO vessel arrived 10 days ahead of schedule, we notified our client well in advance, and prepared the documentation for import application with Thailand Customs. All necessary clearances and paperwork was hence obtained in time to commence customs clearance.

Customs clearance was smoothly completed within the freetime period, and the Boat Pontoon was loaded on a ramp truck. Despite the overlength/overwidth of the Boat Pontoon, our operations team stationed in the port managed to securely fasten the Boat Pontoon onto the truck. During the loading process, it was also discovered that propellor of the Boat Pontoon may hit the ramp of the truck, but quick action by our operations team allowed the cargo to be loaded and secured without any issue.

Above: Loading onto ramp truck for the 1,000km journey to Phuket

Services Utilized
Customs Clearance at Destination
Lashing/Securing of Cargo
Land Trucking from Central Thailand (Bangkok) to South Thailand (Phuket)
Logistics Documentation and Customs Registration

The Boat Pontoon was delivered successfully to our client ahead of schedule. Be it the timeframe or shipping budget, we have exceeded the expectations of our client (quick clearance with no storage charges incurred, and the total clearance & delivery costs is much lesser than initially anticipated). Our client is very satisfied with our service, and has promised to appoint us to handle his future shipments, plus recommend our services to his fellow business partners in the pleasure craft business in Thailand.

Yet another accomplishment achieved - all thanks to the efficiency and dedicated work of the team at Dawn Shipping (Thailand).