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Shipment of Wood Pellet Production Line (Thailand Case Study)
26 March 2014
Shanghai and Qingdao - Bangkok - Chum Phuang (Central Thailand)

Entire production line for process of wood pellets derived from tree barks

The Challenge
1. Our client is a well-known local construction company who has started a new business to produce wood pellets from the waste of tree trunks.  
2. To handle door-to-door shipment from supplier's yard in China to the new factory in Chum Phuang, Thailand. The new factory is located in an isolated off-road area in Chum Phuang which is 360km from Bangkok, Thailand.
3. To ensure safe cargo arrival in good condition, and on time to meet the production deadlines. At the same time, Dawn Thailand served as a coordinator & translator between the Chinese engineers from the China supplier (who were deployed from China to carry out testing & commissioning works) and our client's Thai engineers.

Our Solution
The entire production line was dismantled and loaded into 2x40'OT and 3x40'HC and we had to ensure clockwork precision to meet the shipping schedule. With the usage of open-top containers, we also coordinated closely with our team from Dawn Shipping China to ensure that the cargo was stuffed and lashed securely to meet the requirements of the shipping line's OOG requirements.

After arrival of the containers in Bangkok, we mobilized our transportation fleet to truck all 5 containers together to Chum Phuang on a 10-hour ride journey. A dedicated team from Dawn Thailand was sent down to site to inspect the cargo after the containers were devanned, before assembly and installation of the production line took place. In addition, we served as a language translator onsite for the Chinese engineers who were carrying out testing and commissioning of the production line.

Above: Cargo which was safely delivered undergoing assembly at our client's plant in Chum Phuang

Services Utilized

Ocean Freight
Packing and Stuffing
Container and Lorry Trucking
Customs Clearance at Origin and Destination
Logistics Documentation

The shipment was successfully completed within the given time frame, despite minor delays in the sea journey due to bad weather and typhoon. The cargo arrived in good order and our customer is very pleased to have appointed Dawn Shipping Thailand to handle this shipment. We have instilled confidence in our client on our ability to handle his shipments. The client has since appointed Dawn Shipping Thailand to handle additional shipments of the same cargo from China, as they will be installing additional lines to expand the production capacity of the factory in 2014.