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Charity Donation of School Books from Taiwan High Commission (Thailand Case Study)
16 March 2014
Shipper’s Premises in Taiwan - Multiple Locations in Thailand

Donation books for 96 chinese schools located in different cities in Thailand (North, South & Central) - Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Songkhla, Patthalung, Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Suphanburi.

The Challenge
1. Our client is a Taiwanese Corporation who performs charity work by donating batches of books to Chinese schools located in different parts of Thailand.
2. To ensure smooth door-to-door delivery from the pickup location in Taiwan till the doorstep of each individual Chinese school in Thailand. We have multiple different locations to be sent on a scheduled timing (within 2 days after cargo clearance).
3. To ensure smooth customs clearance at Thailand, and to apply for import dutyt these cargoes are free from Tax and Duty and clearance at Thailand is a smooth process. We also minimized the amount of storage/ detention charges that may occur by clearing out the cargo as soon as possible

Our Solution
Our DNA Taiwan team (Apollo Logistics) shipped out the cargo via two (2) 40'HC containers to Bangkok Port, Thailand. The shipping team of Dawn Shipping (Thailand) furnished the letter template and coordinated the issuance of the official tax exemption application (endorsed by both the shipper and consignee), which was subsquently submitted to Thai Customs. This tax exemption application was carried out in parallel with the shipment of the containers to ensure smooth clearance once the containers arrived at Bangkok Port.

After the containers were cleared and trucked out of port. the Freight Logistics Team handled the devanning works, and loaded the different batches of books bound for the different cities in Thailand. Special care was taken to ensure 100% delivery accuracy (i.e. all the batches of books were sent to their intended location). At the same time, we provided regular status updates on the delivery process to both the shipper and consignee.

Above: Cargo transfer taking place from container to trucks 

Services Utilized
Ocean Freight
Cargo Packing, Stuffing / Un-stuffing
Container and Lorry Trucking
Customs Clearance at Origin and Destination
Tax Waiver Documentation

The books were safely delivered in good condition to all the schools within 2 days of cargo clearance in Thailand. No storage charges and import duty /taxes were incurred with the successful submission of the tax waiver documentation. Our experienced shipping and freight team in Thailand has ensured that this savings is made possible for our esteemed customers. Our customer is very happy to work with us for the past years and promises more future shipments to come.