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CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Limited
12 January 2014
Shipper's Shipyard - Private Jetty - Jurong Port (Land & Sea)
Singapore – Dalian, China (Sea)

Crude Oil Metering & Power System (G/W 135,0330kg, 1,457.33m3)

The Challenge
1. Our client is China's largest producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas and one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in the world. They have commissioned a Crude Oil Metering & Power System with their supplier, Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, and now require a project coordinator in Singapore to ship the cargo to Dalian, China.

2. The cargo consisted of 9 packages, with the biggest component being the main skid measuring 21.90m x 9.50m x 6.50m with a gross weight of 124,000kg. Despite its size, the main skid is considered fragile due to the presence of conductor pipes on its surface. These conductor pipes are made of special heat-treated material which can be easily dented and crushed inwards. Other than that. the balance 8 packages must be inspected for cargo worthiness before stuffing into wooden crates.

3. Our client therefore appointed us as their representative in Singapore to coordinate, inspect and oversee the entire preparatory works, including but not limited to cargo inspection, quality control (QC) and survey loading onto their chartered vessel. The entire process is expected to take up to 10 days.

Our Solution
The project arm of Dawn Shipping Group, led by our in-house O&G specialist (Nicholas Tan & his team), handled the entire project. We first initiated a project meeting with the shipper (Emerson Process Management), together with their appointed local transportation provider & transport engineer, to map out the timeline for the various cargo movements, and to discuss the proposed loading plan. At the same time, cargo inspection of the smaller packages was simultaneously carried out by our team at a separate location where they were being crated.

Above: Transfer of main skid to private jetty using self-propelled cometto trailer

The main skid was transferred using a self-propelled cometto trailer from shipper's yard to a private jetty for transfer onto barge. The barge then sailed to Jurong Port for over-side loading onto the chartered vessel. Our team witnessed the transfer and loading process for all these processes, and submitted status updates to our client in China daily to keep them updated.

On the day of loading at Jurong Port, our O&G specialist was present onboard the vessel during the over-side loading and sea-fastening works, before vessel departure for Dalian, China.

Services Utilized
Project Shipment Coordination (between shipper, shipper's forwarder, ship agent & vessel owner and consignee in China)
Cargo Inspection
Breakbulk Loading Survey
Preparation of Survey Report

Above: Preparation for lifting operations at breakbulk vessel MV Han Zhi V.1318 @ Jurong Port Singapore

Above: Lifting operations of the main skid (21.90m x 9.50m x 6.50m) using 2 x 250MT ship cranes
  DSG coordinated with the ship captain and transport engineer to ensure movement was performed safely without damage to the cargo

Above: Balance cargo being stored under deck under the watchful eyes of our O&G specialist
Sea-fastening works taking place to stablise the main skid which was being shipped on deck

The entire process was completed in 7 days (6 Jan to 12 Jan 2014) instead of the originally-planned 10 days. The cargo was safely loaded onboard the chartered vessel at Jurong Port without issues, and vessel departed for Dalian as per planned schedule. The survey & loading report was prepared and submitted to our client in China 1 working day after vessel departure. Our client expressed satisfaction with the quality of the report and commended Dawn Shipping Group (DSG) for a job well-done.

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